external slot expansion

Modern PCs mostly don't have PCI-slots, but only PCI-express slots. Office-PCs can hold often only cards with half height. Here an external solution can help. The Exsys expansion box 1031 can be equiped with up to four MDP-basiscards 551006 for the PCI bus. It is connected to an adapter card with a DVI-type cable. The adapter card is plugged into a PC. The adapter card is available as PCI- and PCIe-version. No driver software is necessary. Our tests showed up no problems in use. Windows recognises the card with our program "getbaseaddress" and even under DOS the system is working. By that it is usable for upgrading existing systems. The system is delivered in a solid metal case, that makes it usable for commercial use. A built in fan keeps the electronics cool. An additional version consists of the electronics board and an I/O-shield. It allows mounting the system in a 19" case. That allows industrial use.

Our conclusion: A simple, useful solution.

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