Development of software
e.g. for micro controllers

If your task can be solved effectively with micro controllers, needs a PC-software or both, then describe us your task.

A selection of customer projects

  • Electronics and software for a test unit for float switches
  • Development of a PCI-card containing inputs for rotary shaft encoders for control of material test machines
  • Development of IO-boards with hard- and firmware and up to six 8-bit output groups and up to ten 8-bit input groups with serial control
  • Development of a PCI-card with A/D- and D/A-converters for test units
  • Hard- and software development of a belt tester for cupholder in cars
  • Development of hard- and software to control a blueray player with switching speakers as demonstration unit in sales rooms
  • Development of a triple optical sensor for printers
  • Development of an intelligent optical sensor board for printers with electronic surveillance of feed and tray
  • Hardware and software development of a calibration board for a graphicscard for helicopters
  • Development and production of an adapter board for FPGA software development
  • Hard- and software for the end machining of rotors from a manufacurer of wind power plants
  • Hardware and firmware development of test electronics for ABS-sensors in axles of cars
  • Development of a distribution box for a 3-axis measurement unit
  • Hard- and firmware for a 50/60/400Hz oscillator and a temperature control unit