I/O-modules for the RS232 interface

The PIO30 modulseries is a decentralised I/O-system for the serial RS232 interface. Only one serial port of the hostcomputer is necessary to use the modules. The modules are connected to one common RS232-cable although meeting the RS232-specifications. Communication is done through an easy-to-use protocoll with checksum. The protocol is open, it can be used on all platforms that allow programming the serial interface. PIO30-series was developed for the use of DIN-rails. All I/O-ports are placed on pluggable connecors and are galvanically separated rom the serial port. Outputmodules use a programmable timeout-procedure that allows setting predefined conditions if the communication to the host is lost. Softwareroutines in Basic, Pascal and C/C++ support the programming of applicationsoftware. Available are modules with digital I/O-ports, relaymodules, A/D-modules and D/A-modules (resolution 12-bit).

The current program

  • PI3O0-DI 16 dig. inputs, opt. separated
  • PIO30-REL 8 Relay outputs, normally open
  • PIO30-RWS 8 Relay outputs
  • PIO30-MPX 8 Relay multiplexer 8x2 -> 1x2
  • PI3O0-DO 16 dig. outputs, galv. separated, common ground
  • PIO30-DOP 16 dig. outputs, galv. separated, common vcc
  • PIO30-DIOP 8 outputs / 8 inputs, galv. separated, common vcc
  • PIO30-AD16 16 AD-channels, 12 bit
  • PIO30-DA4 4 DA-channels, 12 bit
  • PIO30-ZMM RS232-cable between modules
  • PIO30-ZMC RS232-cable
  • PIO30-TERM Module bus termination plug


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