Develop PLC-programs on the PC

Version 1.5

WinSPS is a programming system for programmable logic controllers (PLC). It runs under Windows and is oriented at the programming language Step-5. WinSPS provides the possibility for the programming, diagnosis and simulation of a PLC. With its powerful simulator WinSPS is also useful for education and training. It is adapted to different ADs by drivers. Other AD can be programmed by the user.

Detailed information

Features of the program

  • Programming and test of a S5-PLC
  • Drivers for AG90U, AG95U, AG100U CPU103, AG115U CPU943, AG135U CPU928 are included
  • Additional drivers can be programmed by the user
  • Testing of PLC-programs without automation device (AD)
  • Fast development of even complicated functions with the integrated debugger
  • Easy and fast search for errors with the debugger
  • Learning Step-5 language without AD



  • Input of the program as command list (AWL) with the integrated editor
  • Features of the editor:
  • Automatic syntax control
  • Input of remarks
  • Symbolic programming
  • Colored emphasizing of different commands
  • Import / export of files in S5D-format
  • Procedure transfer from / to the AD (up to AG135U) or to DOS-AG
  • Deleting and main deleting of procedures
  • UStack, BStack
  • Status procedure, status variable
  • Compression
  • Program display as:
  • command list (AWL)
  • function plan (FUP)
  • contact plan (KOP)



  • Break-stack (UStack) and execution-stack (BStack)
  • Display of the error command with the UStack-dialog
  • Additional diagnosis offers the included simulator



  • With the simulator you are able to test a PLC-program without having connected an AD
  • During the simulation all inputs can be changed to any state
  • Program display as command list, function plan or contact plan
  • Simulation of analog inputs through linear gauges
  • The whole address range of the used AD is simulated
  • Many integrated functions



  • Very useful for searching and finding program errors
  • The contents of the most important S5-registers can be displayed
  • Setting of break points (condition dependent)
  • Single stepping
  • Even the start procedure can be tested with single stepping


AG-mask simulation

  • The procedures can be put together and marked by the user
  • Nine plug-in places are possible
  • The inputs can be changed with the keyboard or the mouse



  • Crossreference (lists the operands)
  • List of used inputs, outputs and marks


System assumptions

  • AT386 or higher with a minimum of 4MB memory (recommended is an AT486DX2-66 or higher)
  • Windows 3.1, WfW 3.11 or Windows95


Educational institutions can get 20% discount for this program (only main and additional licenses). Please add an appropriate certificate to your order.